10 Strange and Secret Places Owned By The US Government

We all know USA is the world’s most powerful country both economically and militarily and it’s the latter which makes it so much important to be secretive and discreet about various operations that are related to the security of the nation. Therefore it’s obvious there are technologies, resources, machines and weapons which can go in to wrong hands and need to be safely hidden in covert places. Where are these secret places owned by government? We can just guess….Here are 12 government owned secret places.

1 Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range

The U.S air craft’s and military created this area as a practice and training range for gunning and bombing during the Second World War. The area is still heavily guarded and shielded from common public with strict entry prohibitions. It remains under the direct jurisdiction of US army and marines. Even the airspaces of Arizona and California in parts is controlled by the military. There is also an added controversy of huge gold mines buried under these practice range.

Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range

Image Source: www.listamaze.com

2 Hangar 18

Hangar 18 is a secure hangar of the US air force located in the Wright Patterson Air force Base and is known for its alleged bizarre contents. This Hangar is no ordinary one but an U.F.O depot! Yes you read it right….this building is believed to house many U.F.O activities and is the warehouse of all the crash materials, debris, aliens and cryogenic materials. Since there is no official record of any of the findings this entire thing could be a myth but Hangar 18 is still is a Top secret facility with no access to public inside the area.

Hangar 18

Image Source: www.listamaze.com

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