10 Strange and Secret Places Owned By The US Government

3 Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay

As the name suggests it’s a submarine base for the army located in Georgia which covers approximately 16,000 acres out of which 4000 acres are super protected wetland. This is a cordoned off area from the public as allegedly many ballistic nuclear missiles are made and stored here.

Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay

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4 Hawthorne Army Depot

Though Hawthorne is publically projected as any other military storage unit where ammunitions are created, tested and deployed but the real secret is Walter Lake where a sign reads- “Naval Undersea Warfare Centre”. Since Walter Lake is 500 feet deep it makes it perfect for a submarine bases but we shall never really know what happens down there.

Hawthorne Army Depot

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5 Camp David

Camp David sticks out like a sore thumb in this list as it’s not a regular army camp or a bunker. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that this is a covert retreat for the US president so much so that the Catochin Mountain Park Maps of the region doesn’t show this camp due to the security reasons, so even if you are there in Maryland, there is no way you can find this resort at all.

Camp David

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6 Mount Weather Emergency Operation centre

It is an emergency operation centre but for high- profile civilians like the president it also serves as a covert hide out in case of national emergencies, nuclear warfare or any other national disasters. Located somewhere, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, this centre also has the national security radio FEMA controlled from here, which doubles as the Emergency Alert System and connects with most of the Federal public and Police with the President.

Mount Weather Emergency Operation centre

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