10 Strange and Secret Places Owned By The US Government

7 Cheyenne Mountain Complex. Colorado

This yet another mysterious facility located in the mountains of Colorado. One of the secret places owned by the government, one can just see the entrance of the tunnel and nobody has any clue what actually happens inside the site at all as entry is restricted. There is heavy police patrolling in the area 24/7 but as per rumors, it is a nuclear bunker but one can never be sure.

Cheyenne Mountain Complex. Colorado

Image Source: www.csfd.cz

8 Site R or Raven Rock Mountain Complex

It is a Military installation with an underground Nuclear Bunker in Pennsylvania.
This site not only has a stylish name but can also be loosely called the underground Pentagon of United States. It’s the operation location for US army, Air force and Navy during national disaster, with its heavy duty hi-tech communication bunkers and defence mechanisms this site is obviously out of reach for any civilian.

Site R or Raven Rock Mountain Complex

Image Source: www.listamaze.com

9 Kirtland Air Force Base

Sandia Base and Manzano Base (Both active during the Second World War) were merged together into super underground nuclear weapon storage on July 1, 1971 in New Mexico and renamed the Kirtland Air Force Base which is now a top security base for atomic research, tests and developments which are considered America’s top secret projects. Throughout the century many secret projects and research have been conducted in these 2 bases. Under the name Kirtland Air Force base it is now the biggest underground nuclear arms storage location.

Kirtland Air Force Base

Image Source: www.listamaze.com

10 Area 51, Air base Nevada

Among the most famous of government owned secret bases, No other military facility has caught so much public fascination as this one especially due to many Hollywood depictions of this being the elaborate alien ship warehouse and recovery base in the US. On paper this is still “ Just an Air Base in Nevada” but the actual purpose of this base is still unknown and therefore has given birth to many myths and urban legends. All the research conducted in this area is top secret or Sensitive Compartmented Information. All of the runways and Groom lake are highly secured and restricted areas that add up to the mystique of the facility.

Area 51, Air base Nevada

Image Source: www.listamaze.com

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