10 Of the weirdest and strangest towns on the planet

8 Colma, California, U.S.A

The entire city is almost a cemetery as there are more dead people here than living. An ordinance in San Francisco stopping the building of any more cemeteries led to Colma accepting all the dead people as it needed there extra income. In total Colma is home to 1800 living and 1.5 million dead.

Colma, California, U.S.A

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7 Manshiyat Nasser, Egypt

Could you imagine yourself living in a city surrounded by trash? This city in Egypt is one waste garbage dump. The main reason for this almost tragic waste of a city is because Cairo has an inefficient and ineffective garbage disposal system. The people of Manshiyat collect garbage from Cairo and dump it in the city. In Arabic the people of Manshiyat are known as “Zabbaleen’ or the garbage people. What’s even odder is the fact that the city people even opposed the action when Cairo hired a private garbage disposal company in 2003 whom they viewed as competition.

Manshiyat Nasser, Egypt

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6 Dwarf Village, China

Among the world’s strangest towns, this is as weirder as it gets. The residents of this village are all dwarves and they aren’t even allowed to grow beyond 4ft 3 in. The village was built for short people to escape social persecution and humiliation. The village has its own police force and fire department. In order to generate income, the people built themselves unique homes which turned the village into a huge tourist attraction and live theme park.

Dwarf Village, China

Image Source: www.cvltnation.com

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