10 Of the weirdest and strangest towns on the planet

4 The Villages, Florida, U.S.A

This could well be USA’s friendliest hometown. As a retirement town, it does not allow anyone under 19. The majority of the population are over 55. The town has some luxurious amenities such as 34 golf courses, a country club, 2 downtown squares and several restaurants. At one time it became infamous because of high STD infection because of continuous outdoor acts of immorality.

The Villages, Florida, U.S.A

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3 Kowloon, Hong Kong

Kowloon was actually demolished in 1994. It was one of the world’s most densely populate cities with 50,000 people per 6.5 acre of city. It was initially built by the military in the 17th century as a fortress but later abandoned in 1950/ the city then fell prey to criminal groups called the triads. Citizens started building houses on top of houses in the absence of any civic rules and authority.

Kowloon, Hong Kong

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2 Cooper Pedy, Australia

Cooper Pedy is such a strange town that it exists underground. Established as a mining town due to its huge resources of Opal, cooper Pedy attracted an influx of the miners who built their homes there. However due to the intense high heat, all of the living structures and public amenities ere all built underground.

Cooper Pedy, Australia

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1 Thames Town, Chinas

This could well qualify as the world’s strangest town because it is an English town in China located 20 miles from Shanghai. Thames town was built to resemble a quant English village with row houses, cobblestone streets, fish and chips stalls and even a pub. It was established in 2006 but is now abandoned. It is used more as a novelty backdrop for wedding photography.

A bizarre fact is that there are several abandoned European style towns across China that have been abandoned. Tianduceng was built to resemble Paris with a mini Eiffel tower.

Thames Town, Chinas

Image Source: www.businessinsider.com

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