10 Of the World’s Most Exotic and Expensive Foods

For gourmets around the world, food is a delightful gastronomic extravaganza where no expense should be spared over quality. From escargot to truffle, some of the most delectable and exotic foods on the planet can really dent your pocket. By virtue of their exotic quotient and culinary finesse, here are ten of the most expensive foods on the planet.

10 Norma’s Lobster Frittata -$ 1000

Paying a $1000 for an omlette? Well this is isn’t an ordinary omelette. Made by Norma’s restaurant in the Le Parker Meriden, New York, the dish contains lobster claws and 10 ounces of the world’s highest quality caviar, Sevruga caviar. The result was the ‘Zillion Dollar Frittata’ priced at a thousand dollars.

Norma’s Lobster Frittata -$ 1000

Image Source: www.tripadvisor.com

9 Westin Hotel New York White Truffle Bagel – $ 1000

This no ordinary bagel was created by the New York Westin Hotel’s executive chef Frank Tujgue. The bagel contains Riesling jelly infused with goji berry and white truffle cream cheese. Decorated with golden leaves, it is the white truffle that made it the costliest bagel in the world.

Truffle Bagel Price

Image Source: www.lolwot.com

8 Golden Opulence Sundae — Serendipity 3, New York City, $1000

Who doesn’t like a delicious ice cream sundae? However not many can afford this creation form Serendipity 3 on New York’s Upper East Side. The opulent dessert consists of Tahitian Vanilla ice cream infused with Madagascar vanilla beans and rare Venezuelan chocolate. It is drizzled with a variety of the world’s costliest chocolates from Amedei Porcelana, gold covered almonds, marzipan cherries, chocolate truffles and decorated with 23 carat edible gold leaf. The crowning glory is a topping of Grande Passion caviar and gilded sugar flower.

cream sundae

Image Source: www.cnn.net

7 Japanese Mattake Mushrooms – $ 2000 per KG

Known as Matsutake, the Japanese variety of Mattake mushrooms are usually picked at the beginning of the season. Prices of a kg of these exotic mushrooms can shot upto $2000. Found in countries like China, Korea, USA and Europe, it is always the Japanese variety which is most sought after by Chef across the world. The mushroom grows beneath the famous red pine trees found in Japan.

Japanese Mattake Mushroom

Image Source: www.crosscast-system.com

6 Bombay Brasserie’s Samundari Khazana Curry- $ 3,200

Among the world’s most expensive foods, you can get a more delicious mouthful than this tongue tickling gastronomic experience. The Bombay Brasserie is a fine dining restaurant in London which celebrated the release of Slumdog Millionaire wit one of its most expensive concoctions till date. The Samundari Khazana curry, an assorted seafood platter consisting of Devon crab, abalones, Scottish lobster Beluga caviar, white truffle, four quail’s eggs and garnished with edible gold leaves and caviar. A cool $3200.

Samundari Khazana Curry

Image Source: www.grabhouse.com

5 Pizza Royale by Domenico Crolla – $ 4200

Imagine a pizza for that much, who would consider it? Well, Scottish Chef Domenico Crolla created this extravagant pizza with James bond as the theme. The 12 inch pizza was made with cognac marinated lobsters, tomato sauce, champagne soaked caviar, smoked Scottish salmon, venison, prosciutto and vintage balsamic vinegar. It was garnished with 24 carat gold flakes.

Pizza Royale by Domenico Crolla

Image Source: www.trip-travel.gr

4 Densuke Black Watermelon – $ 6100

This exotic black watermelon grows only on Hokkaido Island, Japan. Each harvest will yield only a dozen or more fruits which is why it is so rare. One specimen in particular weighed 17 pounds and fetched a price of $6200.

Densuke Black Watermelon

Image Source: www.imgix.net

3 Almas Caviar per Tin – $ 25, 000

A rare caviar from Iran, Almas caviar is acquired from the Beluga fish and is known for its healing properties. The fish is native to the Caspian Sea and called black gold. A store in Piccadilly, London called the Caviar house and Prunier sells a tin of this exotic product for $25,000. The tin of course is also made from 24 carat gold.

Almas Caviar per Tin - $ 25, 000

Image Source: www.richpeoplebuy.com

2 Marc Guibert’s Lindeth Howe Pudding – $ 35,000

Imagine digging into a pudding costing $35,000. Would you eat it or put it in a showcase. The famous chocolate pudding served at the Lindeth Howe Country House in England is the creation of resident chef Marc Guibert. It is made from the highest quality of chocolate, caviar, gold and topped with 2 carat diamond.

Marc Guibert's Lindeth Howe Pudding

Image Source: www.worldrecordacademy.com

1 Italian White Alba Truffle – $ 330,000

The costliest truffle in the world and definitely the world’s most expensive food, nothing quite comes close to comparing with it. The Italian white Alba or the Alba Madonna grows only near the city of Alba in Northern Italy. This particular truffle was found by Luciano Savini and sold off to a Macau business tycoon Stanley Ho for a whopping $ 333,000.

Italian White Alba Truffle

Image Source: www.luxuo.com

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