10 Of the World’s Most Expensive and Valuable Antiques Ever Sold

There are several valuable antiques around the world some lying in museums and some in private collections. But among such antiques are some which are so valuable that they command a price tag only the worlds super rich elite can afford. Check out ten of the world’s most valuable antiques.

10 Napoleon’s Sword, $6.4 million

The gold embellished sword belonged to the famed dictator Napoleon who had used this very sword in battles till 1880. However, he gifted it to his brother on his wedding day. In 1978, the sword was declared a national treasure of France and a symbol of power, victory and discipline. It was auctioned in France for $6.4 million.

Napoleon’s Sword

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9 Germain Royal Soup Tureen, $10.6 million

This ornate soup tureen was made by Thomas Germain who was a French silversmith of the Rococo movement of art in the 18th century. The royal soup tureen gifted to Louis XV was made in 1733. It weighed 30 pounds and was made with silver. The tureen was auctioned by Sotheby’s in 1996.

Germain Royal Soup Tureen,

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8 The Antique Secretary Desk by Goddard & Townsend, $11.4 million

This handcrafted Mahogany desk by the Goddard and Townsend Quaker families in 1760 was among just 7 to 9 desks ever manufactured. This is the only surviving desk which is a Chippendale antique secretary desk cum bookcase standing 112 inches tall. It is also one of the most expensive pieces of furniture ever auctioned and sold to the Brown family in 1989 at a Christie’s auction in New York.

The Antique Secretary Desk by Goddard & Townsend

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