10 Of the World’s Most Famous War Horses in Military History

3 Cincinnati

Cincinnati was one of three famous horses owned by the commander of the Union army Ulysses S Grant later the President of the USA. The horse was son of Lexington, one of America’s fastest horses. Cincinnati was gifted to Grant who rode him in a number of battles. As a favorite of the general, he gained an ardent admirer in Abraham Lincoln who also rode him every day. The horse died in 1878 on the farm of Admiral Daniel Anmen in Maryland.

famous horses Cincinnati

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2 Comanche

Named after an Indian tribe, Comanche was ridden by Captain Myles Keogh of the 7th Cavalry. Comanche became famous after courageously carrying Keogh in the battle of Little Big Horn in 1876 despite being wounded. Comanche was the only survivor in the battle in which another famous general was killed making a stand against Indians, General Custer. Comanche died in 1891 and was given a military burial; he was one of the only two horses to receive one.

Captain Myles Keogh's Comanche

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1 Sergeant Reckless

One of the most famous war horses was a mare named Reckless. She was a Mongolian breed purchased in 1952 by the US Marine Corps and was used for carrying supplies and evacuating soldiers during the Korean War. She was extremely intelligent and was known for making solo trips where during the battle for Outpost Vegas n 1953, she carried out 51 solo trips in one single day. She was given the commission of a sergeant in 1954 and subsequently retired. She died in 1968.

Sergeant Reckless

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