10 Of the World’s Most Futuristic Cars That Are Truly Amazing

7 Toyota Concept-i

It may look a bit wacky from the outside but don’t be fooled. This little baby is totally 2030 futuristic. The cockpit is fun with a game controller type steering wheel for manual driving. If the driver wishes, he can let AI called Yui take over. Yui interacts with voice and emotions.

Toyota Concept-i

Image Source: www.ndtvimg.com

6 Renault POM

Renault’s concept car is based on the Twizy and has an open source platform that can also be bought by third parties to build upon. The POM has sufficient room for a single seater.

Renault POM

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

5 BMW HoloActive Touch Concept

Among futuristic cars, this vehicle has cameras to detect finger movements that can be used for selections. BMW has already introduced gesture controls in its S7 and 5 series so look out for a holographic vehicle from BMW in the near future.

BMW HoloActive Touch Concept

Image Source: www.bmwblog.com

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