10 Of The World’s Most Improved and Innovative Cities

Cities are man’s greatest invention. The building and construction of cities have given man a solid and permanent infrastructure to live within a community and society where one need not rely on any mode of survival but rather enjoy the mutual benefits created for all. However even as there are thousands of cities on Earth, some stand out in terms of infrastructure development, economy, public amenities innovation, planning and design, Such model and smart cities are the every epitome of a perfect existence. Here are the top 10 world’s most innovative cities.

1 Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa in keeping with preserving ecology and the environment makes extensive use of natural resources such as Solar Power for energy. The R5 Billion Bokpoort concentrated solar power plant in Cape Town is its crowning glory reducing CO2 emissions by 230,000 tons yearly. The plant provides electricity to 21,000 households daily.

Cape Town, South Africa

Image Source: www.mrwallpaper.com

2 Singapore

Singapore has the best city infrastructure in the world where its airport even has a butterfly garden, a swimming pool, Movie Theater, spas and a four storey slide. Keeping in tune with environmental concerns, Singapore has an abundance of greenery. Its unique traffic system has GPS devices, sensors and cameras embedded in all vehicles to help them with alternate routes in case of congestion. It was the first city to implement congestion pricing. It has also overtaken Hong Kong as the financial hub of Asia.


Image Source: www.vinepair.com

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