10 Of the World’s Strangest Mysteries That Are Yet To Be Solved Till Today

Everyone loves a good mystery but what are most intriguing are those that have remained a historical enigma yet to be solved. The world has seen some remarkable mysterious incident in its time but here are ten strange unsolved mysteries that were baffling to investigators for the weird nature of the cases.

10 Shanyna Isom

IN 2009 28 year old Shanya Isolm from Memphis Tennessee was suddenly attacked by rare skin disease which local doctors diagnosed as a staph infection. Her legs turned black and she started itching all over. Scabs formed all over her body. When she visited John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, doctors found that she was suffering from a rare condition where her body was producing an unusually large number of hair follicles which was causing her to grow fingernails instead of hair. She is yet to be cured.

Shanyna Isom

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9 The Patomskiy Crater

The Great Patomskiy crater existing deep in the Siberian forests was discovered by Vadim Kolpakov a scientist. Although he was discouraged by locals who mentioned the place was evil, Kolpakov set off into dense Siberian jungle to find the crater existing as high as a 25 story building. No one knows what created it although some believe it was created by a meteorite while others feel there is a UFO beneath it.

Although the crater resembled a volcano myth, there were no volcanoes in the area for millions of years. Kolpakov estimated the crater to be 250 years old. The trees around the crater seemed to have grown unusually large. In 2005 an expedition to the crater was abandoned when the leader suddenly died of a heart attack a few km from the crater site.

The Patomskiy Crater

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8 The Taulas of Menorca

The Taulas of Menorca are ancient megalith structures similar to those at Stonehenge. Why they were built is still unknown. The structure estimated to have been constructed around 2000 BC can only be found on Menorca and no other island in the area. German Archaeologist Walter Fenn found that all the Taulas faced south which led to speculation that they were a religious monument to measure the movement of the moon.

The Taulas of Menorca

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7 The Melungeons

The Melungeons are a mysterious race of people whose scattered presence was detected over the years in regions of Hancock Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky. They were first noticed by French traders in 1690 that came across their settlement in southern Appalachia. The tribe was recognized by their dark olive skin and mistaken for Moors. By 1800, the Melungeons had spread to areas of Virginia and Kentucky where they faced widespread discrimination. Their origins are still unknown and they have been associated with the lost colony of Roanake, ancient Phoenicians and even one of the lost tribes of Israel. Evidence finally emerged in 199 when it was found that the Melungeons could well have been descendants of Ottoman Turks captured as slaves who were Freed by Sir Francis Drake and brought to the new world. Thus, the Melungeons could well be the oldest world settlers of North America.

The Melungeons

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6 Bouvet Island

Among unsolved mysteries, Bouvet Island is located deep in the South Atlantic and considered one of the most isolated places on earth. The closest Landmass was Antarctica lying 1700 Km away. Although the island is considered inhabitable, a British expedition in 1964 found an abandoned lifeboat next to oars, a drum, wood and a copper tank. It couldn’t be traced to anyone. A second expedition in 1966 found that the boat had vanished along with the other items. The mystery has never been solved.

Bouvet Island

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5 The Hessdalen Lights

Harold Dale was camping with his family in the valley of Hessdalen in 1997 when he suddenly noticed something very strange. It was 6.30 in the evening and Dale was out brushing his teeth. Suddenly he noticed flickering lights in the sky that shone in a triangle formation. As he rushed in to call his family, the lights disappeared. Dale was a witness to the mysterious phenomenon known as the Hessdalen lights.

The lights date back to the 19th century and were seen glowing in various colors such as red blue and yellow moving across the sky in great speed. They were extremely active in the eighties and were reported to have been seen by 20 witnesses. Scientists are yet to come up with an explanation that range from ionized particles to UFO’s.

The Hessdalen Lights

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4 The Mayerling Incident

In January 1889 the bodies of the Archduke of Austria –Hungary, Prince Rudolph and his lover Baroness Marie Vetsera were found shot dead in a cabin in the village of Mayerling. The Prince’s father Emperor Franz Josef instructed the deaths to be covered up because he didn’t want a scandal as the prince was married. For several years speculation over the cause of the death ranged from poisoning, murder, political motivation or cover up by Vetsera’s relatives who was alleged to have shot Rudolph. The emperor suspected that Rudolph had killed both Vetsera and himself in a moment of insanity. The cause of death is yet to be ascertained.

The Mayerling Incident

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3 The Redpath Mansion

The 1901 murder mystery of Ada Maria Redpath and her son Clifford was a hot topic in newspapers of the period. Ada, an extremely wealthy widow suffered from arthritis but her son was a healthy man set to take his Canadian Bar exam. What was strange is that the coroner’s report was based upon the evidence of a doctor who wasn’t even present. It concluded that Clifford was an epileptic and killed his mother and himself. It was even stranger that the police never visited the mansion. The incident took place on a Thursday evening and was covered up in less than 48 hours including the burials. The Redpath murders still remain the most unsolved mystery in Canadian history.

The Redpath Mansion

Image Source: www.cbc.ca

2 Foo Fighters

Not to be confused with the famous rock group, the Foo Fighters were regarded as UFO sightings during World War II. Fighter Pilots and warship crews reported strange lights and silver disc like objects flying in the sky.

In 1942 an RAF pilot was flying his Hurricane over France when he noticed strange lights flying towards his aircraft. He soon realized that the lights seem to be following him and try as he might he couldn’t evade the lights. They only disappeared after following him for several miles. UFO sightings were suppressed during the war and appeared in newspaper reports under the name Foo Fighters in 1944.

Foo Fighters

Image Source: www.ufointernationalproject.com

1 The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery

The only living people on Eilean Mor in 1900 were the three lighthouse keepers. On 26th December the crew of a supply ship arriving at the island found that the lighthouse keepers had disappeared. A substitute keeper Joseph Moore was sent to investigate. What he found in the log books shocked him. An entry made by keeper Thomas Marshall stated that harsh winds worse than what he had ever experienced had lashed the island. He wrote that the principal keeper James Ducat was extremely quiet. The third keeper a William Macarthur said to be a tough tavern brawler was observed to be crying.

The last entry read Storm ended sea calm. God is over all.” Subsequent investigation found that no storms lashed the area during the time of the entries in the log book. It remained one of the Scotland’s biggest and strangest unsolved mysteries of the time.

The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery

Image Source: www.ancient-origins.net

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