11 Amazing Facts about America’s Death Valley That You Never Knew

Death Valley!! Would anyone really like living there?? Home to one of the most punishing of temperatures, extreme climate and limited rainfall. The hot tropical desert area lying in the great basin east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Death Valley national Park is a virtual convection oven. But!! Surprisingly though as every American knows, Death valley is quite an interesting place with its amazing geological formations and abundance of fish and plants which is quite unusual for such an area. There are many more things unique integral to Death Valley, so here are 10 amazing facts about Death Valley.

11 Record Setting Heat

In the summer of 2001 Death Valley recorded a temperature of 100 degrees F for 154 consecutive days in a row. Imagine that!! However the record still stands at 134 degrees F that was once recorded during a heat wave in 1913. In 2013, Furnace creek station recorded a temperature of 129 degrees F, now that’s really hot for you.

Record Setting Heat

Image Source: www.avivas.ru

10 Mysterious Sailing Stones

One of the most mysterious features of Death Valley is the sailing stones which suddenly start moving. Rocks weighing 700 pounds will have changed their positions overnight and the proof is the telltale pattern of sand trail that they leave in the wake of their movement. Two eye witnesses Richard and Jim Morris said that they saw the phenomenon occur before their eyes. It was a result of the valley floor freezing over at night and the subsequent melting of the ice as day approaches causes the rocks to move.

Mysterious Sailing Stones

Image Source: www.whenonearth.net

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