11 Amazing Facts about America’s Death Valley That You Never Knew

9 Death Valley Was Once a Lake

Scientists say that 12000 years ago, during the Pleistocene Ice Age Death valley lay beneath a huge Glacial lake Manly that stretched a 100 miles and dipped to 600 feet. Evidence of the lake can be seen in scant populations of pupfish in various areas of the park. The species is unique only to Death Valley and can survive extreme temperature from 32 degrees to 112 degrees F.

Death Valley Was Once a Lake

8 The Missing Germans

A green Plymouth Voyager was found abandoned in Anvil Canyon on 21st October 1996. The helicopter pilot who found it said it had no occupants. The car was rented by a German family of four, Egbert Rimkus, his partner Cornelia Meyer and their two kids. The family had even signed the log book on July 23rd. The car had two flat tires but the family was never found. 13 years later hikers found human remains believed to be of Egbert and Cornelia, but the children were never found.

The Missing Germans

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7 How Death Valley Became Death Valley

Among amazing facts about Death Valley is it’s origin. During the famous Gold Rush, several hundred prospectors and those in search of fortune crossed Death Valley to reach the gold fields. In 1849, a group of four men had lost and were finally rescued after one member died in the valley. The experience haunted the men forever and legend has it that while they were being led out of the valley, one looked back and said “Goodbye Death Valley” and so the name was born.

How Death Valley Became Death Valley

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