11 Amazing Facts about America’s Death Valley That You Never Knew

6 Manson Family Hide-Out

Serial mass murderer Charles Manson and his family hid in an isolated dwelling deep in Death Valley after committing their heinous crimes. In a raid on October 12th 1969, they were arrested by the California Highway patrol and National Park Service Law Enforcement. They were arrested for vandalism and stealing as the officers never really knew who they were and weren’t aware of their crimes. The Manson ranch was destroyed by a fire in 2009.

Manson Family Hide-Out

Image Source: www.panoramio.com

5 Underground Catacombs

Death Valley has been home to Native Americans for centuries. AN Indian legend says that a man has been repeatedly been seen searching for his wife in an underground amphitheatre where he is finally reunited with her. Several people have reported discovering catacombs and underground caves in Death Valley which is proof of an ancient civilization. Doctors Russell and Bovee claimed they ventured into a cave where they found three giant men. However they were unable to find the cave again and mysteriously disappeared after that.

Underground Catacombs

Image Source: www.in-the-desert.com

4 The Devil’s Hole

The Devil’s hole is a deep dark and sinister chasm filled with water that exists within a limestone cave heated form below. Located in the Ash meadows National Wildlife Refuge, east of Death Valley, the water in the cave ripples even if there is an earthquake in Japan. The cavern opened up to Death Valley 60,0000 years ago. The Devils hole is also home to the Devil’s hole pupfish which has been residing there for the last 20,000 years. It is the world’s rarest fish.

The Devil’s Hole

Image Source: www.sciencemag.org

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