11 Amazing Facts about America’s Death Valley That You Never Knew

3 A Shooting Location for Star Wars

Death Valley was a shooting location for Star wars namely tatooine which was the arid desert home of Luke Skywalker. The Death Valley has also served as a set for several other movies like the Twilight Zone.

A Shooting Location for Star Wars

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2 Ubehebe Crater

The Ubehebe crater is a large volcanic crater located on the Valley’s north side. It is a massive crater almost a mile wide and about 777 feet deep. Experts have found that the crater was formed just 80-0 years ago. The crater lies at the base of the cottonwood mountain range under which lies a fault line. Magma from the fault lines was believed to have heated groundwater into steam and the resulting force blasted rocks outwards creating the pit.

Ubehebe Crater

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1 Flora and fauna in Death Valley

Strange as it seems, The most amazing fact about Death Valley is that it becomes a riot of color during favorable climate conditions where flowers of al color light up the valley defying all odds of the hostile environment There are 600 ponds in Death Valley all surrounded by willow trees and 80 different species of birds. Death Valley is also home to various mammals, 512 species of reptiles and wildlife such as the bighorn sheep and mountain lions.

Flora and fauna in Death Valley

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