11 Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Libraries In The World!

A good library has always been more than just a repository of books. If it is private, it signifies the depth of class in intellectual supremacy of the family. It is something to be proud of. If the libraries are public and government funded, it becomes more than just a mere library for common use, it transcends into an auditoria, community centre, a centre for group learning and enlightenment and sometimes even a work of art. Here are some of the most beautiful libraries in the world which can turn anyone into a book worm.

11 Vennesla Library, Norway, Helen and Hard architects

It is referred to as a portal to another dimension. This Norwegian library has an intergalactic space ship theme to it. A series of 27 arches hugging the ceiling creates the skeleton of the library itself along with the book shelves too.

Each rib it has its own integrated light panel which gives the whole structure an ethereal feel to it and makes it more reader friendly. Each beam flows into a reading nook complete with sound absorbing materials which makes the space extra quiet.

Vennesla Library, Norway, Helen and Hard architects

Image Source: www.adsttc.com

10 Lawrence Public Library, Kansas USA, Gould Evans

The original building was designed and built in 1972 in Kansas USA. It was then completely remodeled and remade in major chunks. The new building is obviously more hi-tech and modern in all its sense but the most important part is the natural lighting which makes it so attractive to the readers. When the designers realized that readers usually flocked to the seats with maximum light; they created reading rooms with floor to ceiling windows.

Lawrence Public Library, Kansas USA, Gould Evans

Image Source: www.wired.com

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