11 Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Libraries In The World!

9 Yangzhou Zhongshuge Library, China, x+Living

The architect of this breathtaking creation promised the readers the experience of being surrounded by a river of books attributing its location close to the river itself, making it one of the world most beautiful libraries, hands down. This Chinese revelation has a wide collection of hard cover, paperback and heavy volumes lining the backlit shelves, which reflect on the dark mirrored floor evoking the feeling of an endless tunnel of books. This library is not only beautiful it’s downright trippy!

Yangzhou Zhongshuge Library, China, x+Living

Image Source: www.inhabitat.com

8 Beyazit Library, Istanbul, Tabanlioglu Architects

This enchanting library in Istanbul easily makes it to the list of the world’s most beautiful libraries for its sheer authenticity in design and the sheer transformation it represents from a circa 1506 soup kitchen to a state of the art library in 1990s.

Although the initial structure was maintained inside of the building, it was completely remolded with minimalist modern touches like tinted glass shelves for rare manuscripts.

Beyazit Library, Istanbul, Tabanlioglu Architects

Image Source: www.tabanlioglu.com

7 Dokk1 Library, Scandinavia, Schmidt Hammer Lassen

The state of the art community library has become a national symbol of intellect and pride. The award winning library for the most beautiful design it is hard not to see why this library is so very famous. This sprawling 323,000 square foot library is the biggest in Scandinavia and is situated near the river Aarhus. The building is like a stack of polygons giving it a unique geometric pattern. With its many giant glass windows facing the harbor, it’s a sheer spectacle from inside.

Dokk1 Library, Scandinavia

Image Source: www.lammhultsbiblioteksdesign.com

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