11 Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Libraries In The World!

6 Bodo Library, Norway, DRDH

The new Bodo library in Norway is public community centre; it is complete with 3 cultural auditoriums and concert halls along with its whopping 68,000 square feet of reading space. It’s hard to imagine now that this modernistic library was once a hard floored bus terminal which has been transformed in to reading Mecca with its wall to floor windows giving it a colossal look.

Bodo Library, Norway, DRDH

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

5 Chicago Public Library, Chicago, USA SOM

This pebble shaped library located in the Chinatown of bustling Chicago is sure a site to visit. Covered with glass and marked by solar shading fins to reduce the heat and glare. What’s more interesting is the fact that the library’s three-sided wings are actually based on the principles of Feng Shui which aligns it with the entrance of the buildings and the centrally lighted atrium flooding it with natural sunlight.

Chicago Public Library, Chicago, USA SOM

Image Source: www.aasarchitecture.com

4 Birmingham Library, Birmingham, UK Mecanoo

This structure actually resembles a British brutalist structure from the outside, wrapped with a metal lace, which completely transforms into another world once inside the building. This vast library (312,000 square feet) is full of bright primary colors which make it less scary and more inviting and cosy. There is a collection of roughly 400000 books over its various floors all of which features a cantilever balcony overlooking the “book rotunda”.

Birmingham Library, Birmingham, UK Mecanoo

Image Source: www.birminghampost.co.uk

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