11 Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Libraries In The World!

3 Halifax Library, Nova Scotia Schmidt Hammer Lassen

This 156,000 square feet library is an imposing structure which resembles glass shards bundled on top of each other. Situated in the city’s downtown, the glass box like structures can stack, twist and cantilever to create a stunning visual display. There is even more! On top of these glass blocks of books and readers there is a roof top garden! Inside the reading rooms can double up as a huge concert rooms as well.

Halifax Library, Nova Scotia Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Image Source: www.archiscene.net

2 Conarte Library, Monterrey, Mexico, Anagrama

Last but not least this library makes it into this list of the world’s most beautiful libraries because of its mind boggling design as well as cozy atmosphere it creates. Created by Mexican architects this library features a cocoon like body which has sea foam interior walls latticed by wood paneled book shelves. Stair cuts through the middle of the dome, both sides of which are reading areas with comfortable padded seating arrangements that makes it visually striking.

Conarte Library, Monterrey, Mexico, Anagrama

Image Source: www.designboom.com

1 El Escorial Library, Madrid Spain, Juan Bautista de Toledo

El Escorial Library is part of the largest religious establishment in the world, The El Escorial monastery in Madrid Spain. Built in 1653 by Phillip II of Spain, it houses a rare collection of 4700 manuscripts and 40,000 printed books.

El Escorial Library, Madrid Spain

Image Source: www.triip.me

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