11 Of the World’s Oddest Creatures Which You May Have Never Seen Before

The diversity of nature can be fascinating when you see the number of animals you never knew existed on Earth. Lions, tigers, polar bears and whales may be stunning creatures, but apart from these are the world’s oddest creatures that are no less fascinating. Take a look at 11 such bizarre examples of nature.

11 Alligator Snapping Turtle

The Alligator snapping turtle is the world’s heaviest freshwater turtle famous for its powerful jaws that can exert a bite force of 158kgf. It derives its name from the alligator like ridges on its shell. It camouflages itself extremely well by allowing algae to grow on its shell. The worm like appendage on its tongue lures prey into its mouth.

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Image Source: www.aboutanimals.com

10 Gharial

The Gharial is the second largest crocodile in the world. A fish eater, it is native to the north Indian subcontinent and is known for its extremely long thin jaws. The name Gharial is derived from the word “Ghara” a local term for the bulbous nasal growth found on the male species. The Gharial is listed as a critically endangered species by the IUCN as its population has declined almost 98%.


Image Source: www.planetstillalive.com

9 Tardigrade

Among the world’s oddest creatures is the bizarre 8 legged micro animals known as moss piglets. They are nature’s toughest animal because of their ability to exist in the harshest of environments such as solid ice or boiling water and even in intense space radiation. In extreme conditions, the Tardigrade replaces all the water in its body with a sugar substance called trehalose. These animals existed before humans and most probably will last even if humans become extinct.


Image Source: www.marktrapp.com

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