11 Of the World’s Oddest Creatures Which You May Have Never Seen Before

3 Babirusa

Also known as the Deer Pig, the Babirusa is actually a mix between a deer and a pig. Native to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, Sula, Beru and Toigan, it is characterized by its most bizarre feature, its canine tusks. The tusks pierce right out of the flesh of its snout and are grinded regularly by the creature for fear of growing right through its skull.


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2 The Frilled Shark

Among the world’s oddest creatures is the Frilled Shark which is one of the most primitive of deep water species still living on earth. It has a bizarre appearance that makes it look like a lizard with a blunt snout. It has a large mouth containing multiple rows of teeth that point inward. The slits of its gills look frilly in appearance giving the shark its name of the frilled shark.

The Frilled Shark

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1 The Shoebill

The shoebill is one of the oddest birds with a huge bulbous bill that looks like a giant shoe. It is unusually tall and can grow to a height of 55 inches. It has a huge wingspan that ranges from 7.7 feet to 8.6 feet. It is quite aggressive when attacking prey but will stand still like a stature waiting for the right moment to strike.

The Shoebill

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