12 Amazing Everyday Things in Japan That Should Feature In Every City

5 Chairs with Bag Holders

Don’t you face this perennial problem in cafes and eateries with no space to hang your bag? Well the Japanese thought of doing something about it.

Chairs with Bag Holders

Image Source: www.netdna-ssl.com

6 Endless Bubble Wrap

Did you know that pressing a bubble wrap can be a distressing activity? Rather than resort to sheets of bubble wrap, Japanese inventors invented a keychain that emulates an endless bubble wrap for you to pop. The bubbles don’t really pop so you are ensured hours of activity.

Endless Bubble Wrap

Image Source: www.mlstatic.com

7 Automated Taxi Doors

It’s nice to be treated with five star services even if you’re taking a taxi. Japanese taxis do just that with automated doors that open and close on their own.

Automated Taxi Doors

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

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