12 Amazing Everyday Things in Japan That Should Feature In Every City

8 Minimalist Hotels or Overnight Pods

For those workaholics who have no time to return home or on an endless project, this is a great way to get some shuteye. Just check into a hotel with pods to rest in rather than a hotel room.

Minimalist Hotels or Overnight Pods

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9 Musical Roads

The Japanese are undoubtedly a happy lot when even driving along public roads is a melodious experience. Japanese roads play music as you drive along them.

Musical Roads

Image Source: www.goinjapanesque.com

10 Cat Cafes

Cat lovers will not feel left out in Japanese cat cafes where both owner and pet can relax; you enjoy your coffee while your pet is taken care of.

 Cat Cafes in Japan

Image Source: www.brightside.me

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