12 Eerie Pictures Of Fukushima Ghost Towns Taken Five Years After The Horrible Nuclear Disaster

When a crushing earthquake struck the Pacific Ocean at 2.45 on March 11th 2011, it was one of the largest in history measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale. We all remember that fateful day when we watched in horror at the world’s worst disaster unfolding on Japan. The giant tsunami just crushing everything in its wake was right out of a disaster movie scene and the world cried for Japan.

However, the worst impact of the disaster was felt when the reactors of the Daiichi nuclear plant hat Fukushima exploded causing a meltdown resulting in one of the worst nuclear disasters in recent times. The Fukushima nuclear disaster destroyed the town of Fukushima killing several and resulting in a total abandonment of the Fukushima district. Polish Photographer Arkadiusz Podniesinski traveled to Fukushima and clicked several haunting photos depicting the eerie atmosphere of Fukushima ghost towns.

12 Japanese car abandoned in shrubbery

Unable to contain the coarse from seeping radiation and to avoid a mammoth disaster, Japanese authorities evacuated s60,000 people from Fukushima.Till now, the Japanese government is still struggling and trying its best to contain the cores that are still melting causing radiation to be at levels higher than 2011.

Japanese car abandoned in shrubbery

Image Source: www.relaxpost.ru

11 Unused Grand piano in some school’s musical room

Children are reported to be suffering from thyroid problems as a result of exposure to the radiation from the nuclear reactors. For the 1.5 million people living in Fukushima, life will never be the same. The area is now uninhabited.

Unused Grand piano in some school’s musical room

Image Source: www.yesky.com

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