12 Spectacular Natural Optical Illusions Created By Mother Nature

Mother Nature can be deceptive as a natural artist of illusionary art. She can weave or paint masterpieces that hang like a tapestry of surrealism that makes you feel you are transported to a magical world. Ion facts if you look at these natural optical illusions below you’ll be amazed at how a nature creates a panoramic distortion that can play on your brains. It’s almost like seeing shapes in clouds. Take a look and be amazed.

12 Natural art

No, this isn’t some expressionist painting but an actual scene from Namibia’s famous red dunes. The dunes make an interesting natural optical illusion and artistic background for these camel thorn trees silhouetted against the morning sun, an incredible play of light and shadow creating the illusion.

Natural art

Image Source: www.nationalgeographic.com

11 Turbulent sea in the sky

Undulatus Asperatus is a strange formation of clouds that create an appearance of a stormy sea in the sky. At first glance overhead, it looks frightening and almost a prelude to the apocalypse. However, such clouds are never a precursor to a storm.

Turbulent sea in the sky

Image Source: www.typepad.com

10 An Underwater Waterfall

Located in the most heavenly island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, this appears to look like an under waterfall but it reality isn’t, It is an optical illusion created by sand and seawater plunging off a more shallow coastal shelf that surrounds the area and down into the darker depths of the ocean.

An Underwater Waterfall

Image Source: www.earthporm.com

9 The spider web

This isn’t a frozen shot of falling rain or water but droplets of water clinging to a spider’s web.

The spider web

Image Source: www.joyreactor.com

8 A magic lake

Lake Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat in Southwest Bolivia. During rains, a thin layer of water on the surface salt reflects the sky above giving it a magical appearance of space on the ground.

magic lake

Image Source: www.boomsbeat.com

7 Walking on the edge of a cliff

Only this isn’t a cliff at all. The man is actually walking along the banks of a river flowing in the glen Canyon located in the Vermilion cliffs between Utah and Arizona.

Walking on the edge of a cliff

Image Source: www.uniquefacts.net

6 Spot the baby

Can you spot a fetus in the womb in this picture? It’s tricky but this natural optical illusion is as large as life when you actually do find it. Here’s a hint, don’t go looking for a baby within the trees or any of the physical objects. Look for an impression on a larger scale. Look to the trees!!

Spot the baby

Image Source: www.brightside.me

5 The abyss-Jacobs well

Jacobs well in texas has been declared dangerous but that doesn’t stop locals from frequenting the area and diving into its depths which looks like an abyss and a portal to hell. The phenomenon is a large artesian spring about 12 feet in diameter and a 30 feet descent. What makes it exhilarating is the crystal clear water and the feeling you’re jumping into space.

The abyss-Jacobs well

Image Source: www.amazingplacesonearth.com

4 Tree shapes

What does this look like? Tree paintings on the ground? No it s just the marks left by tides in the shallow water of rivers flowing through the desert in Baja California. The tide with strong streams overflows into short tributaries causing the effect.

 Tree shapes

Image Source: www.brightside.me

3 The Wave

The Wave is a series of unique sandstone rock formations in Coyote Buttes on the Northern borders of Utah and Arizona. The formations have resulted from layers and layers of rock carved into the area from the Jurassic age. Erosion by natural elements have also contributed to the bizarre formation.

 The Wave

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

2 Fiery tornado

This isn’t a burning fiery tornado but an image of the Rio Tino River in Spain. It is now full of toxic mineral deposits that have changed its color into acidic red due to the presence of heavy minerals.

Fiery tornado

Image Source: www.fishki.net

1 A two-headed zebra

Now this is tricky and perhaps the best natural optical illusion. Take a closer look. That isn’t a two headed Zebra. The stripes of black and white distort visibility to correctly decipher a specific border between the two. It’s actually two Zebras.

two-headed zebra

Image Source: www.actualno.com

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