12 Of the world’s rarest animals on the brink of extinction

What was once abundant in nature is slowly dwindling because of Man’s irresponsible attitude to the ecosystem. War, commercialization, industry and poaching are slowly taking a toll on certain beautiful animal species and driving them to extinction. Here are 12 of Earth’s rarest animals which were once not so.

12 Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat

One of Earth’s rarest animals, the northern hairy nosed wombat is native to Queensland Australia and found specifically in the Epping Forest Nationally Park. The species is almost extinct with only 115 in existence. The creature has poor eyesight and uses its nose for survival and searching food.

Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat

Image Source: www.factzoo.com

11 Angel Shark (Squatina Squatina)

Found in the black sea, Mediterranean Sea and North Atlantic Sea, The Angel Shark is on the verge of extinction due to commercial fishing. Just a few angel sharks are visible today in the Canary Islands and Southern Mediterranean. The creature has a habit of hiding in sand in order to attack its prey that consists of smaller fish.

Angel Shark (Squatina Squatina)

Image Source: www.britannica.com

10 Gooty Tarantula (Also Called Metallic Tarantula)

Found in its man habitat in Sri Lanka and Southeastern India, the Gooty Tarantula is almost extinct because of deforestation, civil strife and firewood collection.

Gooty Tarantula

Image Source: www.wafflesatnoon.com

9 Cuba’s Greater Funnel-Eared Bat

The greater funnel eared bat can be seen flying around in Cuerva La Barca area of Cuba. It is now extremely rare because of destruction of its habitat by humans. Just a 100 of the species are now left.

Cuba’s Greater Funnel-Eared Bat

Image Source: www.groundzeroweb.com

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