These 15 Inception Style Landscape Images Will Blow Your Mind

Every photographer has a different perspective on what he sees through the lens. There are some who really stand out for creative excellence when it comes to photography providing us a different take on everyday images and portraying them in a light never seen before. Common Turkish photographer Aydin Buyuktas has created a canvas of brilliant images shot in an inception like frame making them appear surreal and dream like. Take a look at 15 such stunning inception like images.

1 Colorado River Bridge in Bastrop, Texas

Buyuktas first started shooting and featuring landmarks in Istanbul but now his work has taken him to the USA where he has photographed famous locations in Texas, California, Mexico and Arizona. Buyuktas uses drones to get stunning results.

Colorado River Bridge in Bastrop

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2 BNSF Yard – Freight Transportation

Each image is made up of 18-20 shots that are stitched together to create the brilliant masterpiece

BNSF Yard – Freight Transportation

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3 Interstate

Looks more like a scene from interstellar. Buyuktas created this spectacular shot for his series “Flatland II”. Initially Buyuktyas located the areas using Google Earth and spent almost 2 months researching each location for the perfect result.


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4 Farm with Bales

Buyuktas travelled almost 10,000 miles to capture this enthralling inception like images

Farm with Bales

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5 Cemetery

According to Buyuktas “When I became concerned with visual effect and animation in 2003-2004, the idea that I could perform surreal places that I saw in my dreams and I thought as of my childhood gradually started to occur on my mind”.


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6 Junkyard

Buyuktas was a well read man with interest in Asimov, H.G. Wells, science and Technology journals. Buyuktas says he was always interested in wormholes. Black holes, bending of space and time and the concept of a parallel universe. Perhaps it was such interests that influenced his photography.


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7 Baseball field

Buyuktas says that he was obsessed with the book “Hyperspace’ by Michio Kaku. He often wondered if a black hole occurred on earth, would it bend space and time.

Baseball field

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8 Football Field

He makes this football field look like a work of abstract art or even a pinball machine whichever way your mind views it.

Football Field

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9 Quarry

His depiction of a common quarry seems to come alive with the image that suggests the likeness of some metal spider or alien. His entire inception like images possesses a surreal abstract quality.


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10 Red Hills – On the Road

This is one stunning portrayal of red hills and the highway between

Red Hills – On the Road

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11 Cow Farm

What is most impressive in all of Buyuktas pics is the perfect proption and symmetry of each shot.

Cow Farm

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12 Farm and interstate

The way the scenes have been photographed are brilliant just like this one making the highways like a Picasso or Dali painting.

Farm and interstate

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13 Deserted Railroad

Buyuktas has created a dream like state by his photographs proving he is a wizard with th camera

Deserted Railroad

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14 Galata Bridge – Istanbul, Turkey

Here is an image of turkey where Buyktas first created his shots. This is definitely like a dream.

Galata Bridge – Istanbul, Turkey

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15 The Yeni Cami – Istanbul, Turkey

Among inception like images, Buyuktas has really shown finesse and class ion his style of creativity that borders on the magical.

The Yeni Cami – Istanbul, Turkey

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