15 Most Famous Abandoned Places that are both Eerie and Beautiful

12 Craco, Italy

As an Italian hilltop town, Craco dates as far back the year 1000. It was constructed as an outpost but grew into a town 500 years later. Landslides and its unusual location led to people abandoning it till it ws totally uninhabited in the early nineties.

Craco, Italy

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11 Michigan Central Station in Detroit, U.S.A.

Built in 1913, the Michigan Central Station ion Detroit was once a public transportation hub. It declined due to faulty planning and infrastructure leading to closure in 1988. The station is still lying abandoned and its fate has remained undecided till today. Eminem fans will recognize the station as the backdrop for the music video “The 8 mile”.

Michigan Central Station in Detroit, U.S.A.

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10 The Haunting New Bedford Orphuem, U.S.A.

An old abandoned theater, The Orpheum was an entertainment center in Massachusetts. It had opened in 1912 but closed down in 1959. It was converted into a makeshift supermarket but plans are underway to revitalize the grand theater building.

The Haunting New Bedford Orphuem, U.S.A.

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9 Salto Hotel, Colombia

The hotel de Salto was commissioned in 1928 and located near Tequendema falls Colombia. However it closed in the nineties after the decline of the waterfall which was the main attraction of the area. It is now a museum.

Salto Hotel, Colombia

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8 Gouqi Island, Shengsi, China

Weird as it may seem, this particular town on the Archipelago of Shengsi was abandoned even as others thrived as fishing spots in the area. This city was once a bustling fishing center but now that it has been abandoned, it has been reclaimed b y nature instead. The haunting atmosphere of houses enshrouded in greenery gives it an enchanting look.

Gouqi Island, Shengsi, China

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