15 Most Magical Villages on Earth That Are Truly Enchanting

Fairy tales aren’t just stories steeped in imagination. There are many enchanting tales set amidst the magical ambience of villages that actually exist on earth so beautiful to be aptly described as breathtaking. Let us take you through an incredible and enchanting tour of the most magical villages on earth.

15 Giethoorn, Netherlands

Giethoorn could well qualify as the most magical place on earth and the most beautiful village in Europe. Located in the Netherlands, its main feature its lack of roads. Transport in Giethoorn largely depends on its networks of waterways and canals. The quaint Dutch village is home to approximately 2600 residents living in picture perfect cottages.

Giethoorn, Netherlands

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14 Monsanto, Portugal

Monsanto is a medieval stone village in Idanha–a-Nova, Portugal. The most amazing thing about the village of roughly 800 inhabitants is its unique houses tucked beneath giant boulders. Monsanto’s location gives it an ethereal atmosphere being perched on a mountaintop overlooking the entire Portuguese countryside.

Monsanto, Portugal

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13 Colmar, France

The wine capital of Alsace France, the village of Colmar seems to pop right out of a medieval folk tale. Connected by roads and canals, you can see tiny little transport boats drift past colorful timbered cottages and cobblestone lanes. The fairy tale atmosphere is truly a magical experience.

Colmar, France

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