15 Spectacular and Amazing House Designs That Are Simply Awesome

Among the many houses in the world, there are some worthy of being described as a WOW factor. Many of these are a marvel of architecture reflecting the highly creative and innovate ideas of the architect behind such masterpieces. All of these houses have created waves on the internet as the most amazing house designs ever built. Here are 15 such fantastic houses that will blow your mind.

15 Chenglu Sea View Villa

Located in Lingshui, Hainan China and built in 2014, this brilliant home has been created by Gad architects Zhang Wei, Cheng Yue and Kang Jian. The structure is part of the Qingshui bay international resort and commands a fantastic view of the sea. Each of the nine villas on the resort is equipped with a swimming pool, spa pool and private garden

Chenglu Sea View Villa

Img src: architecturebeast.com

14 Sky Garden House

Located on Sentosa Island, Singapore, the sky garden house has been designed by Guz Wilkinson of Guz architects. It’s surprising to note how the aesthetic and elegant design has been achieved on a space of just 852 sq cm. Built in 2010, it features a unique staircase that funnels sea breeze to the center of the building.

Sky Garden House

Img src: forbes.com

13 Shakin Stevens House

The owners of the Shakin Stevens house wanted more greenery incorporated into their living space. Designed by Architect Matt Gibson, the compact cottage features a fusion of modernistic and vintage design located in Richmond, Australia. The structure has been constructed on just 200 sq metres.

Shakin Stevens House

Img src: arteeblog.com

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