15 Spectacular and Amazing House Designs That Are Simply Awesome

12 Concrete house

Located in Pozuelo de Alarcon Spain, this beautiful and lavish family home has been designed by Architect Joaquin Torres. Built over an 1800 sqm area in 2010, the main feature of the structure is its vegetable ramps extending to the roof with an appearance of climbing up to the sky.

Concrete house

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11 House Forever

Built in 2013 and designed in by Architect Luis Longhhi across an area of 550 sq.m, this immaculate home was actually designed keeping in mind the owner couple’s request, a home to live in forever. This is why it was named “the Forever Home???? Based on ancestral contemporary architecture, it turned to be one of the best designs in the world.

House Forever

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10 Sefocovic Residence

This award winning luxury home is located in the desert mountain community in North Scottsdale Arizona, USA. Designed by Tate Studio Architects, its theme was conceived to blend in with the Arizona desert. Completed in 2011. It incorporates several natural elements in décor such as cladded stones, wood panels, pebbles and blue glass paneling.

Sefocovic Residence

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9 Nettleton 198 Saota

A suspended staircase and an aqua theme hallway are the man features of this spacious and lavish home designed by Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen architects. Completed in 2011 and located in Clifton, South Africa, it has an eight seater open air dining space for an amazing experience.

Nettleton 198 Saota

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