15 Spectacular and Amazing House Designs That Are Simply Awesome

8 Villa De Gioia

Built in 2011 in Biscelige Italy, This single family home was designed by Leo Pedone of Pedione Architects across an area of 820sqm. Owned by Maurantonio Di Gioia, It commands an amazing view of the coast and is almost like a tourist home.

Villa De Gioia

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7 Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate

Among amazing house designs, this could be the best. Located in Malibu California, this rustic themed spectacular building is part of the family owned Malibu Rocky oaks Estate Vineyard. Apart from the vineyard that has gained state recognition, the main home itself is a brilliant example of an old Tuscan styled villa. Designed b y Bob Easton, it is built over an area of 9000 sq feet.

Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate

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655 Blair Road

Designed by Architects Diego Molina and Maria Arango, This spatial home on 55 Blair road, Singapore is a sensual experience. What’s most unique is its amazing terrace with the entire theme based upon a combination of nature and contemporary living. The art deco style house has actually been renovated form an older structure.

55 Blair Road

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5 Casa Del Cabo

Designed by Architect Andres Remy, This stunning 4,305 sq ft contemporary residence is situated in Benavidez Buenos Aires Argentina. As you can see the home is beautifully located amidst palms trees and a spacious garden that breathes soul into the structure.

Casa Del Cabo

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