15 Spectacular and Amazing House Designs That Are Simply Awesome

4 Blue Jay Way Residence

The Blue Jay Way residence is a majestic feature on Sunset Strip Los Angeles California. The 6,800 square foot house completed in 2008 was designed by Mclean Design and commands a fantastic panoramic view of down town Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. The main feature of the house is its long pool around which the house has been constructed.

Blue Jay Way Residence

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3 Dalvey roadhouse

Dalvey Road House is a beautiful contemporary structure designed by Guz Architects. Located in Singapore and built in 2012, the design of this tropical bungalow has been conceived with nature as the main theme. It features terrace gardens and two pools one on the first storey and the other as a décor feature around the house.

Dalvey roadhouse

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2 Dupli Casa

Designed and constructed by J. Mayer Architects, this futuristic styled house in Ludwigsburg Germany reflects a sense of minimalism in design. Unique geometry is the standout feature of the house built in 2008. What enhances its look is the stunning outdoor landscape that has been created by landscape artist Buro Klaus Wiederkehr.

Dupli Casa

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1 The Wall House

Perhaps one of the best among amazing house designs, The Wall house located in Singapore has been designed by FARM Architects and is one of the best houses in the country. The most unique feature of the structure is that it consists of two houses combined to make one single home.

The Wall House

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