15 Spectacular Photos That Show Why You Must Visit New York City

5 Manhattan

You can’t visit New York without visiting Manhattan. This is a happening borough of New York which is actually the birthplace of New York City situated on the boundaries of the East, Hudson and Harlem rivers.


Image Source: www.calautomuseum.org

4 Soho

Soho is a cool place for sightseeing, shopping and enjoying a coffee at one of its baristas.


Image Source: www.sohohousechicago.com

3 Grand Central Station

Grand central has 44 platforms, more than any other railway station in the world.

Grand Central Station

Image Source: www.docentour.com

2 Rockefeller Center

Located between fifth and Sixth Avenue of Manhattan, it is one of the most historic landmarks of New York.

Rockefeller Center

Image Source: www.timeout.com

1 Empire State Building

Perhaps one of the most famous landmarks and photos of New York City and a sight in many films, At 102 stories, the Empire State building is 1250 ft tall.

Empire State Building

Image Source: www.rocketfacts.com

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