These 15 Unbelievable Images Show Life From a Different Perspective

Till now you may have seen photographs of iconic monuments, imposing historical structures and breathtaking locations scattered around the world in a manner which we recognize them best. However here are 15 photos that show life and famous entities from a different perspective and you will find them no less stunning or maybe more by rediscovering them anew. Take a look.

15 Mars

This is the actual terrain of Mars taken by the curiosity rover


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14 Rainbow from a plane

That’s how a full circle rainbow looks like from the window of a plane.

Rainbow from a plane

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13 Daytona Beach

This is a view of Daytona Beach way back in 1957.

Daytona Beach

12 Shanhaiguan district

Recognize that?? That’s the Great Wall of China and this is where it begins on the shores of the Bohai Sea. It is also called the ‘Dragons head.

The Great Wall of China

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11 Google’s data center

Ever wondered how a data Center may look inside. Well Google looks as if it is some symmetrical artwork on display.

Google’s data center

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10 A Lava lake, Ethiopia

This is in a caldera of the Erta Ale Volcano Ethiopia.

 A Lava lake, Ethiopia

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9 Spinal x-ray

This isn’t an ordinary X-Ray; it is an X-ray of a spine afflicted with Scoliosis and the treatment thereafter.

Spinal x-ray

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8 Mercury

Perhaps one of the best photos that show life from a perspective yet unknown to us. This is the most detailed image of Mercury ever taken.


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