15 The World’s Most Stunning Wildlife Photographs Selected By Sony World Photography Awards 2017

The Earth is blessed with an abundance of nature that makes the world around look beautiful. Even more fascinating are the creatures of the earth best observed in their natural habitats and the wild. The Sony world photography awards features an amazing collection of photographs every year and this year was spectacular no less. Check out some of the awesome award winning photos in this year’s Sony World Photography Awards wildlife open competition.

15 Johnny Kruger, Germany

An incredible shot clicked at the right moment of a meerkat in action

Meerkat in action by Johnny Kruger

Image Source: www.worldphoto.org

14 Toshiyasu Morita, USA

A brilliant and unique shot of a humming bird and bees

humming bird and bees

Image Source: www.worldphoto.org

13 Mohammed Al Nasser, Saudi Arabia

Zebras and Giraffes running got Al Nasser 3rd place in the competition

Giraffes running

Image Source: www.bbci.co.uk

12 Jonatan Banista, Panama

Jonatan Banista’s shot of an iguana secured him a 1st place position in the Sony world photography awards.

Jonatan Banista, Panama

Image Source: www.shared.com

11 Jonathan Tao, Taiwan

Jonathan unique shot secured 3rd place in the open competition. He described how he found the mother whale trying to teach her baby whale how to jump when he clicked the shot.

mother whale trying to teach her baby

Image Source: www.shared.com

10 Peter Sabol, Croatia

This photo was clicked by Sabol at his local Pond near Palovec Croatia

Peter Sabol, Croatia

Image Source: www.bbci.co.uk

9 Deveni Nishantha Manjula, Sri Lanka

Another 1st place winner taken in Nakuru National Park Sri Lanka

Nakuru National Park Sri Lanka

Image Source: www.shared.com

8 Andreas Hemb, Sweden

Andreas Hemb’s award winning shot of a herd of caped Buffaloes in Zimanga private Games reserve in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa is absolutely stunning.

Buffaloes in Zimanga

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

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