These 16 Perfectly Timed and Spectacular Photos Will Blow Your Mind

Snapping a photo at the right opportune moment isn’t easy. But when you do get the chance, the results can be comical, spectacular or downright stunning. This has nothing to do with being a professional photographer but rather shooting your candid camera at the exact time. Check out these unusual, creative and funny perfectly timed photos captured at the best moment.

1 My dog always looks like that

Watch the frame on the wall, it has the same expression.

dog yawn

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2 The headless horseman

Or is it actually the horseless headman or maybe it is the horse head man.

The headless horseman

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3 When lightning strikes

Liberty is there to save the day.

When lightning strikes Liberty Statue

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4 Butterfly spectacles

You don’t need an explanation for this one which is indeed a perfectly timed photo.

Butterfly spectacles

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5 Alien in a cocoon

Aliens go for swims too.

Alien in a cocoon

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6 Who’s the redhead or rather dog?

The time when you look more like your pet.

redhead or rather dog

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7 When you go fishing

You get more than you bargained for because your catch jump rights at you. What could be a more perfectly timed photo than this one?

When you go fishing

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8 The barman with great legs

Really now!! You saw the mirror didn’t you?

The barman with great legs

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