These 16 Perfectly Timed and Spectacular Photos Will Blow Your Mind

9 When you now your art is realistic

That even dogs can’t resist a sniff.

When you now your art is realistic

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10 When you sit behind a funny

And everyone else knows except you.

When you sit behind a funny

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11 Boys will be boys

Even if he’s a monkey.

Boys will be boys

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12 Fire breathing retrievers

Talk about trick photos, this is classic and perfectly timed photo.

Fire breathing retrievers

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13 What lurks beneath?

Picture the people jumping this wave.

What lurks beneath?

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14 When you told him to watch the ball

Dogs will do just that

watch the ball

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15 Yawn, you’re on candid camera

Wonder what happened when the parade was over.

Soldier Yawn during parade

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16 Storks do bring babies

That’s what it seems like here which is why perfectly timed photos are actually on in a million.

Storks do bring babies

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