5 Real life paranormal experiences that will give you all the chills

Ghosts, Spirits, Demons, Jinns, Evil spirits or the Devil, these are entities that humans cannot see and touch but can fear them, feel them and in few cases get connected to them, for worse. The innocent term connection in case of invisible ghosts or spirits is the only way we can recognize an alien, hostile, and friendly (not in many cases) influence in our lives. For people who remain inexperienced (for good) in the case, these real-time stories of paranormal experiences are just pieces but for them who went through the haunted hill, they are spine-chilling truth which can never give back the normality of their lives back.

Spoiler Alert: You might get grave goosebumps!!

1 A man with a beard in black

What happens when you wake up in the middle of the night and find a man, with a black beard, dark hair, wearing torn out black clothes staring right at you! The horror gives goosebumps even in imagination, but for a child of 6 years old it was a reality which is hard to erase. On a random night, a 6-year-old Samantha (name changed) woke up in the night and saw a bearded man standing near the foot of the bed only to find him staring right at her. She looked around, blinked her eyes to prove herself that she was not dreaming but still the view was too real to dismiss. The mattress on the bed near her shrank making her realize of an another presence in the room. She crawled back to the back of her bed and screamed in fear, within seconds, the bed went back to normal and the man disappeared. Till date, Samantha cannot put logic in what happened to her and still cripple in fear of what happened to her. Can you blame her?

man with a beard in black

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2 Making the deal with the Devil

The devil has a habit of being playful and sometimes he creates notorious events which lure the innocent into the trap. Something similar happened to an 11-year-old girl Molly (name changed) who naively went across some of their mothers book only to lay hands on the book of the occult. In a spontaneous excitement, Molly read most of the spells out loud and after few minutes the lights went out. Since we all know that the first impression that the dark lord gives to notify his presence is with lights getting out (in this case the light bulb got completely shattered), this meant that there was an external presence in the room and an acceptance of what she had innocently read out. Till date, Molly is unsure about her soul being taken over by the devil.

Shaking hand with devil

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