5 Real life paranormal experiences that will give you all the chills

3 Camping gone wrong

Cameras are the favorite toys of ghosts, spirits of demons. They get very playful with them and chose to smile only for the camera. That said, there was a couple named Amber and Joy (name changed) who went out camping in Elfin Forest, California which is also one of the most haunted forests in the world. After going through a portion of the forest, they decided to camp for the night and pursue way back to their home the next morning. They came back and explored their cameras for images and only to find pictures of them sleeping clicked by someone in the tent. They assure that they had zipped the tent real tight and the scope of someone coming inside was out of question. Till date they are not able to gain any logical explanation of the incident. Well, we say when you have a warning of the “most haunted” title attached to something, it is better not to challenge it or explore it.

Camping gone wrong

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4 A crippled hello

The mannerism of saying hello is pretty much understood, you extend your hand and acknowledge the attention given to you, but it seems like the dead has a different way to pursue attention and we don’t judge. A similar case of a young man named Paul (name changed), tall and strong, also a paranormal expert shared his story of being grabbed by an unknown entity. In his piece, he shared that while on his way back home after conducting a paranormal investigation in one of the houses in Florida, he was grabbed by an unknown presence through his elbow which later froze surprisingly. Lucky for him he had a thermal camera, he scanned through his elbow and found out that the elbow part grabbed by “someone” was around 15 degrees colder than the rest of the arm. To his experience, he added: “There’s no doubt in my mind that there are things that go bump in the night. Sometimes you set out to find them, sometimes they find you.”

calling the ghost with candles

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5 A notorious click

What happens when in the middle of the night, with no one in your room, you hear a camera click? As scary and hair-raising as it sounds, Christa (name changed) had a similar experience which still haunts her till date. In her narration, she explains that on a hot summer night, her window closed and pitch black room she heard a camera click after which she just jumped out of the bed to turn on the light. Of course, she did not find anyone and dismissed the thought as an overreaction further diving in the bed again for a sleep. But this time she heard a camera click near her ear which made her struggle for her breath. After being completely awake and no around in her room, Christa ran to the lower part of the house. The incident did not repeat but still exists as a fearful memory in her life.

notorious  ghost

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