5 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Always Strive For Happiness And Peace

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” – Ernest Hemingway

This quote cannot be much truer in the every sense of the words. People with high IQ always seem to find that thing that will feel them content and full. But that search always keep them empty handed and they live their lives trying to better what they did last day, month or year. For people who have average intelligence, being happy and content means a satisfying life, a good career and a happy family. But these feelings are absent for highly intelligent people and these 5 reasons will clarify why they always seem to be sad and frustrated.

1 Over analysis is second nature

People with higher intelligence tend to over think a lot. Their minds bound them to over analyse everything to minute details and it becomes a cumbersome process, as the brain gets busy in finding flaws with everything. This exhausting process will lead to your brain tiring itself out and people with higher intelligence are highly prone to this. In the end, they are confused and cannot make any decisions on their own as they find fault in everything.

Over analysis

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2 They expect too much from themselves

People with above average intelligence have very high expectations from themselves. They know what they want to become in life and strive hard to reach their goals. They always have a readymade image in their minds about their relationships, career and even retirement plans. However, when their plans fail, their heart is shattered and they become unhappy and loners.


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