5 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Always Strive For Happiness And Peace

3 Push oneself too hard

High intelligent people have a tendency to link everything they do in life with success or failure. Being self aware of their intelligence, they strive hard to remain that notch up when compared to others. They compare everything they do to the achievements and failures of their mentors or with the standards that they have set for themselves. They are afraid of not fulfilling their potential and goals that they and their parents have set for them and always push themselves that extra mile, despite the fact that it might hurt them.

Push oneself too hard

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4 They cannot find content in any accomplishment

People with higher IQ think different from others. They have the ability to do better than most people because their thinking starts from the point where thinking of others stop. Their thinking keep them searching for perfectionism and exceptionalism. Therefore whenever they achieve something in life, they don’t feel content and want more.

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5 Cannot find people who appreciate them

As with many people with higher IQs, they find it hard to find people who have the similar level of thinking and who appreciate them. They like to have long conversations with people of similar intellect, but since people of such high IQs are so less, that they have to do with people who they feel are below their level of intelligence and who do not understand how their mind works. Since people do not comprehend what they say, their subject matter and other things, people with IQ higher than average feel that people are not giving them their due.

higher IQs

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