5 Of The Worst Spies in History Who Never Really Succeeded

4 The French spy who’d read too many spy novels

Charles Benjamin Ullmo was a French naval officer who decided to turn spy and was a classic example of how people were influenced by the thrills of espionage in the 1900’s. Ullmo stole a bunch of secret documents just so he could fund his opium needs d top cater to the expensive tastes of his mistress. After failing to sell the documents to the Germans, he tried selling the same to the French. He showed up at the exchange dressed as a chauffeur with an idiotic mask that was a noticeable disguise. His lawyer commented that he was a flamboyant idiot caught in his own vaudeville play. Ullmo’s life was spared but he was thrown into a remote island prison for several years.

Charles Benjamin Ullmo

Image Source: www.traditions.free.fr

5 The Nazis who decided to become Americans

Perhaps the worst spies in history and one crazy story but could have turned out nasty if it succeeded. In 1942, Operation Pastorius was initiated by the Nazis which deposited two groups of spies in America. Their jobs were to bomb the hydroelectric plants at Niagra falls and blowing up Ohio bridges. The hilarious problem was that once the spies set foot in the USA, they decided they didn’t want to be German spies after all and instead wanted to surrender to the FBI.

The leader, George John Dasch who once even worked in America as a waiter accidently got sighted by the Long Island Coastguard and he immediately turned himself in. He subsequently gambled away most of the money given to him by the German Government for his expenses. The rest amounting to $84,000 was taken by him to Washington where he dumped the money on the desk of an FBI agent.

The Nazis who decided to become Americans

Image Source: www.fbi.gov

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