How This 5 Year Old from Ghana Became an Internet Sensation That Changed His Life Forever

It doesn’t take much to become an internet sensation. Once people are fascinated by your story, the sharing does the rest. It doesn’t matter if you are a shoeshine boy or a hi flying executive, all you need is a great tag line and a story to go with it. Becoming a meme too may have its benefits just like the meme of this Ghana boy.

All it took was a viral photo to get his story across the internet and surprisingly though, the memes have benefitted him to acquire funds for his college education.

1 His photos were so cute that it sparked off an instant meme craze

The boys name is Jake and he is just four years old. He was soon regarded as the prince of memes

Jake the cute meme boy

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2 His cute face got the internet hooked

Jake has become the most famous school going child in South Africa since his viral photo on the internet. He lives in a village in eastern Ghana and isn’t even aware opf his fame.

His cute faced got the internet hooked

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3 Here is another of Jakes memes

Jake is a cute guy and the memes of this Ghana boy actually benefitted his education as you will find out after reading on.

Jakes memes

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