How This 5 Year Old from Ghana Became an Internet Sensation That Changed His Life Forever

4 The story behind Jakes photo

Jakes photo was taken by cameraman Carlos Cortes who had travelled to Ghana in 2015. He was in the process of making a documentary about artist Solomon Adufah who had returned to his country from the US. Cortes shot the iconic photo while Adufah was teaching art and creative studies to the children.

The story behind Jakes photo

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5 Jake has become on the most famous schoolchildren in Africa

In an interview to the BBC Cortes said “I just caught Jake in the moment of his teaching,” Cortes, of Chicago, told the BBC. “He definitely has a pensive look on his face.” Both Cortes and Adufah returned to the US aware of the fact that they had just made an internet star.

Jake’s photo was so cute that people started using his photo as a meme.

Jake has become on the most famous schoolchildren in Africa

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6 Jakes photo has funded the studies of several children

As soon as the photo went viral, memes of the Ghana boy started appearing across the net. Adufah started a gofundme page that instantly fetched $8, 980. His goal was to collect $20,000 meant for funding the education of Jake and many children like him in Ghana.

Jakes photo

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