7 Of the Deepest Metro Stations in the World

4 Park Pobedy, Moscow Metro

Although the Soviet Union has some of the world’s deepest Metro stations, Park Pobedy located in Moscow is a whopping 84 meters underground but with a maximum depth of 97 meters or 318 feet. It is among the third deepest metro in the world and is one of the most beautifully decorated stations.

Park Pobedy, Moscow Metro

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3 Admiralteyskaya, St Petersburg Metro

The third deepest metro station in the world, the St Petersburg Metro station is constructed at 86 meters or 282 feet underground. In fact the St Petersburg metro is one of the deepest metro systems in the world and is also the deepest if you take into account the average depth of all stations. Admiralteyskaya also features some of the longest escalators in the world extending up to 130 meters.

Admiralteyskaya, St Petersburg Metro

Image Source: www.visit-saint-petersburg.ru

2 Pyongyang Metro, North Korea

Located in the North Korean city of Pyongyang, the subway station has a track running 110 meters or 360 feet deep underground. Puhlung station as it is called is one of two stations where foreigners are allowed to enter. Escalators take you down to the music of revolutionary songs played on a speaker. The journey down takes 4 minutes. The station also doubles as a bomb shelter and has a constant temperature of 18 degree C throughout the year.

Pyongyang Metro, North Korea

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1 Arselnalna, Kiev Metro

By the far the deepest metro station in the world is Arselnalna in the Kiev Metro’s Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska Line. The station is located 105 .5 meters or 346 feet below the surface and is the deepest metro station in the world. a vertical shaft made that deep in the earth could contain the entire statue of Liberty with 12 more meters to spare. Commuters need to journey down to the station using elevators that take almost 5 minutes to reach to the bottom.

The reason for the depth is because of Kiev’s geography where the entrance of the station lies atop a steep valley near the Dnieper River whose high banks rises above the city.

Arselnalna, Kiev Metro

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

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