7 Fantastic Aircraft That Received Government Funding But Never Flew

5 WS-125

During the height of the cold war in 1950, both the Soviet Union and the USA desperately sought a nuclear powered long range bomber but the biggest challenge was protecting the crew from nuclear radiation. It was GE in collaboration with Convair that attempted to build a nuclear bomber at a cost of a million dollars. The project never took off and was cancelled in 1961. It was one of the fantastic aircraft that never flew.


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4 Lockheed L-2000

After the French Concorde and the Soviet Tupolev, The Americans too wanted a supersonic jet. Lockheed came up with the L-2000 while Boeing came up with the Boeing 2707. After rigorous examination, the Boeing model was selected for funding. However it was cancelled in 1971 while the Lockheed prototype was never built at all.

Lockheed L-2000

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3 Boeing 2707

The Boeing 2707 had passed the examination for a commercial supersonic jet. The aircraft was larger than the Concorde and was designed for a faster speed of Mach -3. Built for 300 passengers its design featured wings that stayed straight on takeoff and retracted into a swept position at supersonic speed.

However engineers were unable to build the design because it was too heavy and came up with the delta wing instead. Although construction began in the late 60’s, the production fell into trouble. Engineers once again were not able to develop the metal skin to withstand the heat produced at supersonic speed. Additional environmental and pollution issues forced the government to abandon the project in 1971.

Boeing 2707

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