7 Fantastic Aircraft That Received Government Funding But Never Flew

2 High Speed Civil Transport

As an initiative of NASA high speed research program. The High Speed Civil Transport aircraft was also supported by several aerospace companies and among fantastic aircraft that never flew. NASA commenced research on technology to build a supersonic passenger jet in 1990. The HSCT was designed to travel at Mach -2 and carry 300 passengers.

Based upon the Concorde and the SST program, the project was unfortunately cancelled in 1999. NASA and Lockheed martin announced a combined decision to develop a new supersonic demonstrator aircraft to reduce the noise of a sonic boom.

High Speed Civil Transport

Image Source: www.boeingimages.com

1 Northrop YB-49

The above heavy bomber is not the stealth bomber you could be mistaking it for. The YB Northrop was developed way back in the 80’s constructed just after the cold war. However it never quite made it and was replaced by a more practical design by Convair. The first prototype developed engine failure while the second crashed in 1948 killing its pilot Captain Glen Edwards after whom, the Edwards air force base has been named. The aircrafts outer wings detached from the inner section which cemented its future for good.

Northrop YB-49

Image Source: www.thisdayinaviation.com

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