8 Amazing Sound Sculptures Through Which Nature Plays Incredible Music

3 Sound Garden, Seattle

Lying on the campus of the national Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Sound Garden was designed and built by Sculptor Douglas Holis in the early 80’s. The structure features 12 steel cell phone like hollow towers containing organ pipes of different lengths inside. Low tones are produced when the wind blows around and through the pipes. Horizontal steel vanes at the top of the towers catch the wind and rotate the pipes.

Sound Garden, Seattle

Image Source: www.allfreefoto.ru

4 Sea Organ, Zadar

On the coastal Croatian town of Zadar lies a unique structure called the Sea organ. It consists of 35 organ pipes hidden under concrete steps leading to the shore line. The perpetual movement of the waves and wind causes air to be pushed in and out of the pipes producing changing musical notes that can be heard by those passing along the promenade. The sculpture was created by artist Nikola Basic.

Sea Organ, Zadar

Image Source: www.tumblr.com

5 Wave Organ, San Francisco

The wave organ is located on the small boat harbor in the Marina district of San Francisco Bay. It was built by artist Peter Richards and stone mason George Gonzales. The sound sculpture is made up of 25 organ pipes made from concrete and PVC. They are located at various elevations where the lower ends extend to the sea below. The rise and fall of continuous waves pushes air through the pipes creating gurgling noises and varying sounds. According to RoadisdeAmerica.com, “The trick is to arrive at high tide, sit down, and shut up,”

Wave Organ, San Francisco

Image Source: www.thebubblybay.com

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