8 Amazing Sound Sculptures Through Which Nature Plays Incredible Music

6 Blackpool High Tide Organ

Constructed in 2002, this amazing sound sculpture is 15 meters tall. The High Tide Organ was built as part of the “Great Promenade Show” an inaugural event of Blackpool’s new promenade. It is attached to the sea wall where eight pipes are again connected to 18 organ pipes located underneath the promenade during high tide; the water pushes up through the sea wall pipes causing the organ pipes to produce sound. The best time to hear the organ is before and after high tide.

Blackpool High Tide Organ

Image Source: www.shopcurious.com

7 Funnel Wall, Dresden

Located within the Kunsthofpassage neighborhood in Dresden, Germany, The Funnel Wall is a unique sculpture that actually consists of a network of metal pipes and funnels alongside a blue multistory building. Music is played when rain water flows from the roof to the gutter through the pipes and funnels.

Funnel Wall, Dresden

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

8 Windorgel Vlissingen

The Windorgel is located in Vlissingen town in Netherland. It is constructed from several vertical bamboo tubes with holes all along its length. Sounds are produced when the wind blows through the pipe. Similar to a wind chime, it was built as the third sound structure in 1983. The earlier two had been destroyed and vandalized.

Sound sculptures are amazing monuments of which smaller ones exist around the world such as the seal point sound sculpture in San Mateo California and the Wind Harp in San Francisco.

Windorgel Vlissingen

Image Source: www.henri-floor.com

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